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Bagpipes and Sail Away Weddings

Thursday, March 20th, 2008
bagpiper in key west

Mallory Square Bagpiper

Last weekend we had a sunset sail wedding aboard the Blue Ice – a 47′ sailing yacht. The days before the wedding had been unseasonably hot and a bit windy. Luckily the wedding day was cooler and very pleasant. Onboard were the bride, groom, four of their friends, the captain, mate plus Gary and I. As we left the marina, we sailed past the sunset celebration at Mallory Square. The dock was crowded with performers, vendors and waving tourists. A few even shouted their congratulations to the bride and groom. The “Southernmost Bagpiper” was in his usual position next to the Conch Fritter stand. Upon seeing our boat, he offered a special salute to the couple by playing his version of “Here Comes The Bride”. We then sailed about a mile offshore and performed the wedding on the bow. Afterwards, everyone relaxed with some drinks and enjoyed yet another amazing Keys sunset.

“Friends, Romans and Toga-men…Lend Me Your Beers”

Monday, March 10th, 2008
key west wedding

Toga Wedding

Last week we had the pleasure of experiencing our first Toga wedding. After months of unsuccessfully searching for a wedding dress, the bride decided to try something different. Our small group departed at 5PM for a 2 hour sunset sail aboard the sailing yacht Floridays. After sailing for about 30 minutes, I performed the ceremony at the stern of the boat. Then the celebration began. Luckily, the hard working captain and first mate had fully stocked the cooler with liquid libations. Needless to say…this group was ready to party!