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Family Wedding Photo

We perform lots of weddings for couples arriving on cruise ships. While in the planning stages, I tell them not to worry if the ship is delayed. Last Sunday was a perfect example. We were scheduled to perform a vow renewal ceremony plus photographs at noon for a couple celebrating 8 years of marriage. They were unable to have a wedding when they were married, so this was a very important event for them and their young daughter. Thanks to a massive cold front making it’s way across the country, we had an 80% chance of rain and lots of wind in the forecast. I was a bit nervous. Gary and I were checking the radar constantly! Their Disney ship was scheduled to arrive at 11:30AM. They were to call upon docking. We waited and waited…no ship. Finally, at 1PM, we heard the distinctive Disney ship’s horn (“when you wish upon a star…”). After disembarking, the anxious family gave us a call, caught the first available taxi and headed to the beach. Luckily, their delay had given the weather a chance to improve. The “front” had passed over, it was windy and a bit gray but not a bad day after all!