The first parties began Tuesday night. We attended the Green Party at Finnegan’s Wake – the Irish pub here in town. It was mainly locals since the tourist don’t usually arrive until today or Friday. Lots of creative costumes. Then we headed over to the Green Parrot – one of the oldest bars on the island – for the Plaid Party. Once again we confirmed our feeling that the people in this town are crazy!

These past two weeks have been a bit rainy but luckily our weddings have all been okay. However, last Saturday night was close! It was pouring rain when we were heading to Smather’s Beach. Luckily, when we arrived it was a light sprinkle. I performed the ceremony under the pavilion. After the ceremony, the rain stopped long enough for Gary to take some posed photos. After about 20 minutes, it became dark and started raining again. Whew!