key west garden club

Ceremony at Garden Club

We recently performed a wedding at the West Martello Fort, also known as the Key West Garden Club. The Fort is located on the Atlantic Ocean, about 1 1/2 miles from the historic district. The lovely gardens have a gazebo, butterfly garden, small fountain and interesting architecture. There are also many varieties of cactus throughout the property. Somehow…I still don’t remember touching it…Gary and I became very “intimate” with one very prickly plant. As I plucked the fine, sharp needles from Gary’s arm…they lodged in my fingers. In fact, one is STILL in my thumb! I, in the meantime, had to perform the ceremony with several needles stuck in my back. Yes, they went through my clothing. Otherwise, we found the garden to be a very lovely setting for a wedding. And, with site fees beginning at $300.00, it fits in our “affordable” theme.