Our Vacation in Peru

Each year Gary and I leave Key West for the month of September. Typically it is a slow time in Key West and it’s the peak of hurricane season. Even though Key West is usually spared the bad storms, there is always the concern. We don’t like the hassles…so we head north. In addition to spending time with friends and family in New Jersey and Maryland, we also take our vacation. This year we flew south of the equator to Peru. What a wonderful country! Warm and friendly people, lovely scenery, good food and wine…really much better than we expected. Unfortunately, our trip ended badly. Our flight, which was scheduled to connect in Houston, was cancelled due to Hurricane Ike. Not only were we delayed a day in Peru, we also had to purchase VERY expensive tickets on another airline (thanks Continental!!). So, our efforts to avoid hurricanes failed but we still have very pleasant memories of wonderful Peru.