Key West Mangoes

One of my favorite things about Key West is the wide variety of foliage. Throughout the year, you can see many blooming plants such as colorful bougenvilla, hibiscus, oleander and lantana. Riding your bike around the island at night smelling the fragrant blooming jasmine, frangapani (my favorite tree) and mimosa trees is a very special treat. There are also many types of fruit trees such as banana, key lime, sapodilla and mango. In fact, we have one of the largest and, thanks to Hurricane Wilma, one of the last remaining mango trees on the island. By mid-May we have hundreds of huge, bright orange mangos on our tree. Our back yard becomes a hard hat zone and Gary becomes “Mango Man”. He makes frequent deliveries to neighbors and friends. Also, he places a basket on the fence, which he fills throughout the day for the pleasure of passersby. Of course, when the basket is empty, it’s not unusual for us to hear a knock at the door. By the June, we are really TIRED of mangos!