key west lighthouse

Key West Lighthouse Wedding

Most of our couples choose to get married on the beach in Key West. However, from time to time, we receive requests for something different. Kim and Jerome were lighthouse fans and wanted their wedding to take place at the Key West Lighthouse, located across from the Hemingway House. At one time the lighthouse stood at the edge of island, however, the “fill” from dredging the harbor channel was used to expand Key West. It now sits about 1/2 mile from the sea.
The wedding ceremony took place at noon. Typically a warm time of day, even in the spring. Luckily the huge ficus trees provided cool shade. The lighthouse was open for business. However, the other visitors were very respectful of the ceremony. With the exception of the resident rooster, who released a loud COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO just as I pronounced them husband and wife! Perhaps it was congratulatory?