Fantasy Fest ended with the big parade on Saturday night. We strolled Duval Street in the afternoon, checking out the costumes (or lack of…), then retreated to the quiet of our home for a nice dinner. Once again I can confirm that Fantasy Fest is the place to be if you want to see your grandparents naked!

We had Sail Away weddings on Thursday and Friday night. Thursday was rainy most of the day. The forecast wasn’t looking good. We debated re-scheduling or considering an indoor option but our couple, Robyn and Louie, were determined to have their boat wedding and wanted to go “rain or shine”. Being Floridians, they understood the ever-changing weather in the “sunshine state”. It sprinkled for about the first half hour, so we all stayed under the cover in the cockpit. Then it stopped long enough to perform the ceremony on the bow and take some nice photos. There was even a little color in the sky at sunset! Luckily, Friday night was cloudy but no rain. We had a beautiful Key West sunset.