ring in the sand key west

Lost and Found

The majority of our weddings consist of just the bride and groom, no guests. Basically, it’s just the two of you and the two of us, standing in the sand…very intimate. However, that means no best man, maid of honor or ring bearer. What do you do with the rings? So, the groom holds the bride’s ring on his pinky and the bride holds the groom’s ring on her thumb. I have done this hundreds of times and it’s always worked great – until last week. When it came time for the bride to place the ring on the groom’s finger, she said “I don’t have the ring”! I was sure she had it on her thumb before we started and we hadn’t moved from our spot next to a palm tree. So, of course, we immediately started searching around their feet and couldn’t find the ring. We were in sand. There was no way it could have rolled. Gary began running his fingers through the sand and after 5 long minutes, finally found it – about 4 inches from her feet. It had sunken into the sand!