sunset wedding

Key West Sunset Wedding

We schedule our sunset weddings to begin about an hour before sunset. This allows plenty of time for the ceremony and posed photos around the beach. Recently, we had a very “close call”. Sunset was at 6PM, so our meeting time was at 5PM. I received a call from the groom, saying they would be about 15 minutes late. No problem, that would still give us plenty of time. Gary and I arrived at the beach around 5PM. At 5:15…there was no sign of our couple. By 5:30 we were really getting worried. I tried the groom’s cell phone but only got voice mail. As each minute passed, we were planning our strategy. “Okay, if they arrive now, we’ll skip the beach walk and rock photos”. “Okay, if they arrive now, we’ll take a few photos first by the surf; then perform the ceremony”. The sun was sinking lower and lower. Finally, at 5:55 they arrived! They had locked their keys in the rental car and had to break the window! Then, to make it worse, they followed the rental car GPS directions, which took them the long way around the island (always consult a local map!). Luckily, it was a beautiful, cloudless evening and the sky was still bright well after sunset. Gary was able to take some wonderful photos and, most importantly, they were married!