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Yummy Ice Cream in Key West

It’s been a long, cold winter. Okay, well a relatively long, cold winter. Really, in my 16 plus years of living in Key West, this winter had the most consecutive VERY CHILLY days. Yes, even our wedding couples from the great, white north were feeling the chill. Typically, Key Westers spend a lot of time outdoors – walking, biking, dining and, of course, bar-hopping. However, when the temperature dropped, we all went into hibernation. Leisure time was spent indoors, reading, watching movies and cooking anything in the oven. Fresh fish? Salads? No way. Bring on the pot roast, chili and hot soup! When we finally had our first warm day – everyone came out of hiding. It was great to ride our bikes around town, see some familiar faces and enjoy a homemade ice cream (cuban coffee for Gary; cookies and cream for me) on the front porch of Flamingo Crossing. The hat and gloves are finally packed away…until next year!